Red/Blue Workshops


Red/Blue Workshops Are Temporarily on Hold due to Covid.   

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Red/Blue Workshop Part I: 

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Joe and Julie became trained by Better Angels to moderate Red/Blue workshops.  They have been offering workshops in southeast Iowa since July 2018 free of charge.   

Because the workshops require an equal number of Blue-leaning and Red-leaning voters, these workshops require that you pre-register.  

When registering, let us know whether you lean Red or Blue. (Reds tend to vote republican/conservative/libertarian, while Blues tend to vote democratic/liberal/progressive. ) 

Register here, or email us at  

Requirements to attend Red/Blue workshop: 

In these workshops, participants are not asked to change their views.  The only requirement is that all participants commit to listen and learn about the other side (not defend and debate!).    Check out the video for a preview. =========> 

Become a Better Angels organizer: Contact Joe and Julie about being a workshop organizer.  As an organizer (either as a red or blue) your job is to bring together from 2 to 6 like-minded (Red or Blue) participants who would like to meet and communicate with another group of the other color.