About Joe and Julie

We are retired, and since 2007, we have been working together as a team, offering various kinds of workshops and leading groups in our local community. In particular, we moderate Better Angels workshops [please make a link to the Better Angels page], teach relationship classes for couples [link], facilitate Shadow Work groups, and oversee the Shadow Types program [create ST page and insert link to it].

Professional Background

Joe has a Masters degree in Business Finance and Ph.D. in probability and statistics. He is currently retired from having taught college-level finance and statistics as well as having been a small business owner. Joe has also worked in computer programming and web design.

Julie has a Masters in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in psychology. She is a retired psychology professor from Iowa Wesleyan University, where she specialized in marriage and family relations. Prior to teaching psychology, Julie taught the Transcendental Meditation (TM) taught and worked in various capacities within the TM movement in Europe and the United States.

Better Angels

Like many Americans, we have been distressed over the increasing polarization in our country since the 2016 election. In 2018, Julie came across an article by Bill Doherty, a renown marital therapist Julie has been following for years. In the article, Bill compared the political divide to marriages in crisis he sees in his office. He reasoned that the same techniques for bringing couples back from the brink might help to bridge the widening gap between “Reds’ (right-leaning people) and “Blues” (left-leaning people). Drawing on his communication toolset, he developed “Red/Blue” workshops that bring people with opposing views together to engage in civil conversations. His workshops, as well as trainings to moderate them, are offered through the Better Angels organization.

Grateful to have found an avenue of positive action to help depolarize America, we became trained as Better Angels moderators in the spring of 2019. We have been holding workshops in our local community and writing articles in a regional magazine. ( See our Better Angels page for more information.)

Shadow Work & Shadow Types[please insert symbol]

In 2009, both of us became certified Shadow Work facilitators and coaches, and we have been running Shadow Work groups for the local community ever since. Soon after becoming Certified Shadow Work facilitators, we teamed up with Cliff Barry, the founder of Shadow Work, to adapt Shadow Work for organizational consulting and worked with him in that capacity for a few years..

Cliff then introduced a system of personality types, called “Shadow Types,” based on the Shadow Work model. Drawing on Joe’s background in statistics and computer programming and Julie’s background in psychology, we designed a survey for assessing an individual’s personality profile. Joe then made an online version of the survey and created a website for people to take the survey and learn about their type. (see www.ShadowTypes.com). As a result of our work in developing the Shadow Types system and teaching it to others, Cliff certified us as Master Trainers of Shadow Types.

Shadow Work for Coaching Couples

In addition to their involvement in developing the Shadow Types model, we have integrated our knowledge of Shadow Work with Julie’s background in marriage and family to create a new program, Shadow  Work for Coaching Couples. In addition to teaching relationship classes for couples and coaching couples, we are Master Trainers for teaching other Shadow Work facilitators how to incorporate their Shadow Work skills for coaching couples.